Kaitlyn Sophia Studios

Artist Statement 

I am artist in Northern Minnesota.  My love for exploration and the outdoors is fairly evident in my paintings. I like bringing people to the feeling of a place more than its exact reality.


About Kaitie

Tell us a little bit about yourself..."Well, I come from a really big close knit family. I have two younger brothers Nick and Frank, and then I have an older brother Joe. I also have 13 cousins that are equivalent to siblings. They live in the south west Twin Cities area."

Have you always lived in Duluth? "No, I grew up in Waconia, Minnesota. I moved to Duluth when I was 18 to start college at St Scholastica, and I have been here since"

What did you go to school for? "Originally I was a nursing student. I changed majors my sophomore year, to a double major in psychology with a business focus and fine art with a painting focus." 

How long have you been painting:? "I started painting in middle school, maybe 6th grade?" 

What would you do if you never had to work a day in your life?  I would probably travel and paint."

Where is your favorite place to travel? "I really loved the country side in Switzerland..I think that was probably my favorite. I really want to travel to Ireland next..."